Keep your finger on the pulse.

Stay informed on the project status without having to dig into schedule details.

TouchPlan brings visibility back to the owner. Owners can keep their finger on the pulse quickly and accurately.

Feel confident knowing that the team is using the most effective planning tool in the market. 

What if you could get a clear and simple view of the status of the project without getting bogged in details? 

What if you could have full confidence of the schedule because you know it is collectively put together by members of your team? 

Now you can have top level view to get a glimpse into the live schedule used by your team. We’ve changed the way you plan, and it is simple but powerful. 

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 True collaboration- you’re also part of the team

Working together promotes team engagement and improves results. Participate without having to be the scheduler.


Simple owner Interface

TouchPlan’s simple interface allows you to have a top level view of everything going on to get a quick sense of status. There is no need to wait for an updated schedule.


 Stay on top of the industry

TouchPlan allows for team collaboration in real time from any location. Feel confident you are using the best scheduling practices in the industry to engage your team and have better project results. 

Why TouchPlan?

Simple Design

Tasks can be viewed and edited simply without the need of complicated software.

Visual Interface

Easily add and edit tasks, establish hand-offs, and zoom out for top level view of schedule.

Shared schedule

Project members have access to the true, live schedule by updating changes in real time.

User Flexibility

Designed with each team members’ need in mind-from owners to contractors.


Export your plan via CSV. View tasks for 6 week look-ahead and weekly work plans.

Plan your work: Know project status and plan accordingly.

Work your plan: Access the schedule anytime by viewing project status anytime.

Together: Everyone works off the same updated schedule, even you!