Lean Practitioners

Take your plan everywhere with digital sticky notes. Rework your plan by simply editing stickies for seamless plan execution.

TouchPlan helps save time by allowing team members to easily make changes directly in the plan. Your team members immediately see the impact of their tasks on the schedule.

What if you could get people up to speed on Last Planner instantly?

What if  you could make Last Planner approachable without having to be the master planner to get the benefit?

We are a tool that removes common headaches with Lean planning and integration.  

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 Easily keep team commitment

Simple interface allows team members to continue planning even after first session. Make pull planning easy by engaging all team members and making Lean planning approachable (ie. Las planner system). 



Work together with your team while still maintaining individual ownership of stickies. Make ramp up period easier by always maintaining updated schedule.


 Standard reporting

Easily view and print regularly used reports to plan short and long term. Use six week look ahead, weekly work plan, and percent plan complete reports to assess plan and project completion.

Why TouchPlan?

Simple Design

Tasks can be viewed and edited simply without the need of complicated software.

Visual Interface

Easily add and edit tasks, establish hand-offs, and zoom out for top level view of schedule.

Shared schedule

Project members have access to the true, live schedule by updating changes in real time.

User Flexibility

Designed with each team members’ need in mind-from owners to contractors.


Export your plan via CSV. View tasks for 6 week look-ahead and weekly work plans.

Plan your work: Turn lean pull plan sessions into live schedules without the need of transcription.

Work your plan: Use schedule to view latest information on both team and individual levels.

Together: Maintain accountability by working together to solve problems and get instant feedback.