The first planning tool with designers in mind

The fluid environment of designing makes scheduling tasks challenging.

Planning and scheduling often is too rigid and takes time away from designing.

What if you could simply schedule your tasks without having wait or communicate changes? What if you could plan your work better by having an environment for your own tasks- yet see how it would impact others?


Get Started

 Save time

Save time planning so you can spend more time designing. Planning can be done by everyone- no need to wait for one person to schedule your tasks. 


Make changes quickly

Plan directly off the schedule and move your tasks accordingly. See what tasks impact yours and rework your plan by simply dragging and dropping your tasks.


 Design with ease

Visual interface allows you to easily view what tasks you need to do next.

Why TouchPlan?

Simple Design

Tasks can be viewed and edited simply without the need of complicated software.

Visual Interface

Easily add and edit tasks, establish hand-offs, and zoom out for top level view of schedule.

Shared schedule

Project members have access to the true, live schedule by updating changes in real time.

User Flexibility

Designed with each team members’ need in mind-from owners to contractors.


Export your plan via CSV. View tasks for 6 week look-ahead and weekly work plans.

Plan your work: Quickly add and schedule your tasks.

Work your plan: Work off your task list and reschedule tasks by simply dragging and dropping.

Together: Schedule your tasks quickly and share them across the team.