Remove communication barriers that wast time and hurt the schedule.

TouchPlan simplifies the planning process.

Bring replanning and rescheduling to life.  

What if you could communicate with your team in real time to effectively manage change as soon as it happens? 

What if everyone had an updated plan and was able to problem-solve together without causing schedule conflicts?

 TouchPlan simplifies daily tasks and removes common planning and scheduling headaches!


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 Plan and schedule in real time

Turn planning sessions into a live schedule. Updated plans are available to all team members, not just a single user.


Communicate change effectively

Communicate quickly with your team to solve problems together. Changes are updated across the board automatically alerting team members when they need to re-plan or reschedule tasks.


 Get instant status on the job

See “what if” scenarios to easily reschedule or adjust tasks as needed.  Know when to work and what tasks need to be done before or after yours.

Why TouchPlan?

Simple Design

Tasks can be viewed and edited simply without the need of complicated software.

Visual Interface

Easily add and edit tasks, establish hand-offs, and zoom out for top level view of schedule.

Shared schedule

Project members have access to the true, live schedule by updating changes in real time.

User Flexibility

Designed with each team members’ need in mind-from owners to contractors.


Export your plan via CSV. View tasks for 6 week look-ahead and weekly work plans.

Plan your work: Work together with your team to come up with a central, detailed schedule.

Work your plan: Eliminate confusion by getting clarity on the tasks that need to be done next. Work together to manage changes and replan tasks as needed.

Together: Have full confidence that all team members have access to the same updated schedule.