About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower teams to work together on scheduling and planning projects without having to abandon plans.

We believe every team member should feel confident in knowing the latest changes to a plan and the implications of those changes.

We want to bridge the gap that exists between those who make the schedules and those who execute it and we believe planning can be more effective when it is in the hands of everyone involved.

How is TouchPlan different?


    We focus on real challenges on the field informed by years of experience in project management. 

    We believe group accountability and strong communication greatly benefits overall project success. 

    Emphasis on a simple interface with robust functionality. 

    Save time and money by removing common barriers that arise during planning and scheduling. 

    We are more than just a planning tool. Smart, simple, collaborative.

    We have worked in the construction industry for over 15 years and understand the planning process from different perspectives both on and off the field.

    We identified the common challenges and created a tool to empower individual team members. 

About TouchPlan

TouchPlan is a web application that integrates jobsite planning, scheduling and task management for owners, designers,contractors and lean practitioners. Designed for the entire project life cycle, TouchPlan brings flexibility to planning and scheduling with a simple, collaborative, touch-enabled interface where project members interact using virtual ‘sticky notes’. Tasks are automatically scheduled with drag & drop and sync across devices in real time. Team members can focus on the tasks that matter without wasting time or abandoning their schedule. View demo

Our Team

Our TouchPlan team is part of a bigger family. Moca Systems holds both a services and a technology side and we are proud to be the first product designed specifically for owners, engineers, general contractors and subcontractors. Click here to visit our corporate page.

Plan your work. Work your plan. Together.

Why TouchPlan?

Simple Design

Tasks can be viewed and edited simply without the need of complicated software.

Visual Interface

Easily add and edit tasks, establish hand-offs, and zoom out for top level view of schedule.

Shared schedule

Project members have access to the true, live schedule by updating changes in real time.

User Flexibility

Designed with each team members’ need in mind-from owners to contractors.


Export your plan via CSV. View tasks for 6 week look-ahead and weekly work plans.